Pigeon fast fattening method

First, feed the pigeons

The pigeons are able to grow and develop through the pampering and feeding of the pigeons from the shell to the 20th day of age. During the feeding of pigeons, the first-class pigeons should be provided with high-quality nutritional feeds and medium quality

Prevention and treatment of iron rot disease

The cycads are not only vulnerable to white spot disease, leaf blight, and coal rot. They also have a rot disease that is worthy of attention by flower lovers.

Causal causes of iron rot include decay of bulbs and rot of the root system. Although the incidence of this disease is no

Colorful lights

英文: The headlights are multicolored. Scientific name: Caladium bicolor (Ait.) Vent.cv.Stoplight Family genus: Araceae Arachniella Morphological characteristics: Perennial perennial herbaceous plants. Plants 20-25 cm tall, tuberous succulent or long ovate. Ye Jisheng, triangle-shap

Burst bamboo

Middle name: Baked bamboo Scientific name: Russelia equisetiformis Schlecht.et .cham. Family: Scrophulariaceae Baked bamboo is a morphological feature: it is a perennial herb. The plants are semi-pendent and have a length of 1 to 1.3 meters. Leaves opposite or whorled, has degenerated into a n


Chlorophytum R. Br.

Chlorophytum Liliaceae, Chlorophytum.

[Morphological characteristics]

Chlorophytum is an evergreen herb with rhizomes and fleshy roots. Ye Jisheng, wide line width 1--2 cm, length 30 cm, green. The edge of the silver-branch spiderwood leaves is w


English name: Oliva textilina
Common name: -
Origin and production period:
Located on the sand bottom in warm tropical waters, carnivorous.
Shell medium to small. The spiral tower has a low cylindrical shape, and the spir


Reproduction: commonly used sowing and grafting. Sowing, best from May to June, with indoor pot seeding, germination 7-8 days after sowing, but seedling growth is very slow, seed seeding rate is low. Grafting is carried out from June to July. The amount of rootstock is better, and the scio

Compound fertilizer selection has "according to"

According to 1: climatic conditions, fertilizers are selected and applied. For example, when the weather is dry, rainless, or cold and cold, it will directly affect the exertion of fertilizers; high temperatures and more rain will cause nutrients in fertilizers to be released too quickly a

No-tillage looting and sowing technique of corn

First, choose the equipment. It is recommended to use the corn no-tillage planter in the Catalogue of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Products. No-till corn seeders have air-suction precision seeders, warehousing rotary seeders and nest drill seed drills. They can be selec

King crab

English name: King Crab
Popular name: Alaska King Crab.
Origin and production period:
Alaska: Bering Sea and Southeast Alaska.

If a crab weighs more than 10 kilograms, it really is called the king of crabs. About 100

Rose apple

[Scientific name] Syzygium jambos

[alias] bend chicken, fragrant fruit

[Genus] Myrtaceae Syzygium

Production of Indochina Peninsula to Indonesia, hi light, hi humid climate and acidic soil. Deep-rooted, growing in streams and rivers, but also in the sand. Evergreen