Chlorophytum R. Br.

Chlorophytum Liliaceae, Chlorophytum.

[Morphological characteristics]

Chlorophytum is an evergreen herb with rhizomes and fleshy roots. Ye Jisheng, wide line width 1--2 cm, length 30 cm, green. The edge of the silver-branch spiderwood leaves is white; the edge of the Phalaenopsis spider's leaf is light yellow, and the middle of the gold-hearted spider's leaf has yellowish-brown spots. Hanging orchid stems are slender, exceeding leaves, pedicels bent, 1--6-flowered anterior, racemes, flowers small, white, perianth 6 in 2 turns, 6 stamens, ovary green. Flowering season 6 --- August.


Native to South Africa, like warm, humid, semi-shade environment. Cold tolerance is poor and should be well drained and grow on fertile sandy soil.

[Cultivation Techniques]

Reproduction: The ramets method is usually used. That is, the mother strain was isolated in March and planted separately. It is also possible to cut off the plantlets on the stem of the Portuguese quail in the growing season, and the aerial roots can be directly planted in the flowerpot.

Management: Mainly to keep the soil moist, thin and thin liquid fertilizer once every half a month, then it grows lush. Summer should be placed under arbor cultivation, winter should be cultivated in a sheltered greenhouse, often withered to remove dead leaves, combined with ramets once a year for basin change.


Chrysanthemum oleifera is cultivated in branches and leaves, and is cultivated in a hanging pot. It is hung in a foyer, a window, or a home in a room to hang a pot. It is very lively and full of charm.

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