Pigeon fast fattening method

First, feed the pigeons

The pigeons are able to grow and develop through the pampering and feeding of the pigeons from the shell to the 20th day of age. During the feeding of pigeons, the first-class pigeons should be provided with high-quality nutritional feeds and medium quality pellets, and bean protein feed such as peas, adzuki bean and mung bean should account for 35% to 40% of the pigeon's feed, and be supplemented with 3% canola. Seeds and other feeds have a certain effect on improving skin color and weight gain. Health sand is added once a day, clean water is continuously provided, and cod liver oil is supplemented once every 3 to 5 days to the pro pigeons. The second is to feed the pigeons 4 to 5 times a day. Each pair of pigeons is fed 125 to 200 grams a day, and the feeding is sufficient to ensure nutrient supply. Third, we must observe the situation of pro-feeder pigeons and find that the relatives of poor pigeons do not have the same energy as the pigeons of the same pigeons. We must promptly adopt measures to reconcile them. That is, we must adopt measures that are large and small, small and small, so that the size of the pigeons is well-balanced. Preventing the "feeding bias" caused the pigeons to have a low commodity rate. Blending is generally conducted at 7 to 10 days of age.

Second, artificial irrigation fed fat

This is a major measure to concentrate the artificial feeding of fattening pigeons and to increase the breeding rate of the breeding pigeons during the late growth period of the pigeons.

Fertilizers: 15 to 17 days of age, a pigeon weighing more than 350 grams.

Fertilizer feed: formula 1: corn 57%, soybean meal 25%, fish meal 5%, flour 5%, bone meal 2.6%, yeast powder 2%, salt 0.3%, poultry trace element additive 1%, poultry complex enzyme 0.1% , vegetable oil 1%, poultry with a variety of micro-organisms (add instructions). Formula 2: Commercial broilers are priced at 95% and 5% flour.

Feeding method: Weigh the required materials first, add hot water at a ratio of 1:3, and transfer the material into a paste. After about 30 to 60 minutes, we can use the feeder to press the paste into the esophagus. The pigeon is inside the crop. It is faster and lighter when feeding. It is advisable to feed 50 to 100 grams per feed and feed 4 times a day. After feeding, the light of the finisher's house should be slightly darker to facilitate the rest of the pigeons. Generally fattening for 7 to 10 days, the pigeon's weight gain is 7% to 12% higher than that of natural feeding. Feeders can use either poultry feeders or soft plastic bottles.

Third, supplement nutrition pills

The pigeons gain more than 20 grams a day, grow fast, and require high nutritional levels. To prevent malnutrition of the pigeons and achieve fast fattening, the pigeons can be fed nutritious pills to strengthen nutrition. In general, pigeons over 10 days of age are fed once every morning and evening, 2 to 3 tablets each time, and even if they are fed for 10 to 15 days, the pigeons can gain 100 to 150 grams each. Nutrition pills consisted of 50 grams of light fish meal, 50 grams of powdered milk, 50 grams of meat and bone meal, 50 grams of auxin, 2 grams of multivitamin, 100 grams of health sand, and 250 grams of corn flour. Granules, dry bottling spare.

Four, clever pigeon pigeon

The pigeons grow rapidly from 2 weeks to 3 weeks, and their physical energy consumption is high. This causes the pigeons to lose weight. If three or five feathers are removed from the feathers of the main wing and tail feathers, the pigeons can be effectively reduced. The loss of nutrients stimulates and enhances the muscle growth of the pigeons. After the plucking of the pigeons, the back muscles of the hindquarters and the wings are obviously hypertrophied. Generally, the weight can be increased by about 10%.

V. Timely sale

The duration of fattening of the pigeons is relatively strong. Generally 22 to 28 days of age, a weight of about 600 grams will be sold or slaughtered in time to ensure the quality and flavor of the pigeons, because the pigeons are high in nutrients and strong in nourishing meat. Fine bones and tenderness, good fat, meat pigeon breeding income is also the best.

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