Use tractor six "take care"

In recent years, tractors have developed rapidly. However, many drivers lack proper understanding and use of tractors, resulting in increased number of locomotive breakdowns and increased repair costs. There are mainly the following six kinds of "use".

First, recognizing contempt, accidents occur frequently. It is erroneously assumed that tractors are simple in structure, slow in speed, and mostly on rural roads where people and vehicles are scarce. Therefore, it is considered that there is no need for meticulous maintenance and operation of tractors, and there are problems with speed. Overloading, overloading, and overcrowding are more commonplace. However, due to its simple structure, it determines that its driving performance is not as sensitive, complete, and reliable as a car. Therefore, contempt is the root cause of multiple tractor safety accidents.

Second, running in place, greatly reduced life expectancy. Some owners and drivers mistakenly believe that running-in trials are an extra step. Therefore, buying a new car or overhauling a locomotive is not without running-in, or it will take a few laps and go hastily. As a result, the wear of the locomotives is accelerated, the faults are increased, the benefits are reduced, and even the cast suffers.

Third, the lubrication is not on time, the wear increases. The lubrication of various parts of the locomotive can not be carried out on time or by location, often neglecting some lubrication points that do not immediately show faults, and over time will lead to major problems. If the lubrication parts of the oil pan, air filter, etc. cannot be filled with oil on time, serious mechanical accidents may occur.

Fourth, fuel is not divided into quarters, and the number of failures increases. Some operators use the same brand of lubricating oil regardless of winter or summer. This is not only uneconomical, and it even prevents the machinery from being effectively lubricated. With a tractor, the driver said that his car was always difficult to start. After inspection, gas distribution, fuel and other systems have no failure. After the inquiry is difficult to start in winter, spring and summer is easy, hot car is easy, cold hard. The problem was ascertained. In the winter, oil is still used in the summer. The viscosity is large and the resistance is large, so it is difficult to start.

V. It is not worth the candle, but it is not worth the candle. In order to save money, some drivers use scrapped or unqualified accessories for use. For example, when we repaired a car, we found that some people added the waste oil back to the hydraulic system. As a result, problems such as abnormal hydraulic work could be caused.

Sixth, the start is uncivilized, and it is not very harmful. When the locomotive is started, it will not be cranked, or it may only be rocked in the winter; or it may be started by pulling (pushing) the car, sliding slope, air intake pipe and adding fuel; otherwise, it may be completely eradicated.

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