How to ensure the safety of vehicle ramp parking

Generally do not stop on the ramp, need to stop, if the person in the car, in addition to the handbrake, the foot should also step on the brake position, the gear does not retreat to neutral, it is best to hang on the first gear, If the person is not in the car, he must pay more attention to s

Feed processing equipment failure analysis and elimination procedures

Feed processing production lines, whether imported or domestically produced, have the following characteristics:
1. The investment in fixed assets of the production line is large, the production scale is large, the consumption of raw materials is large, the labor productivity is high, and

Puffed food is easy to lead exceeds the standard

It is well known that populated foods such as potato chips are high in fat and eaten too much to cause obesity. However, it is little known that such foods are frequently exposed to excessive lead.

Grapevine root cancer prevention

(1) Test materials: The oligochitosan citrate calli “Magic Formula 1” produced by Dalian Baoluobao Marine Life Sciences Research and Development Center Co., Ltd., and the seaweed extract plant immunopotentiation opsonization carboxymethyl chitosan Protective agent and other auxilia

Meat donkey breeding technology

The fattening of donkey meat donkeys can be divided into the following four systems depending on their performance, purpose and object. According to the performance plan, it can be divided into ordinary meat donkey fattening and high-grade donkey fattening; according to age, it can be divi

How to use pesticides

According to the different dosage forms of pesticides currently processed, the application methods are not the same. The following 16 methods are commonly used.
(1) spray method. The dusting is the use of mechanically generated wind power to blow low concentrations or pesticide powders di

High-yield cultivation of wintering cauliflower in open field

I. Variety selection and appropriate sowing The general cauliflower varieties cannot be safely exposed in winter in the Xu-Huai area. After many years of introduction and trial planting, at present, we have screened out the suitable varieties of snow-covered wintering vegetables, Xueshan and A

Tenebrio breeding and processing

Tenebrio mealworms, commonly known as breadworms, are succulent mollusks with a fat content of 30% and a protein content of 50%. In addition, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, aluminum and other trace elements and 16 kinds of amino acids necessary for animal growth are also contained. Each

How to purify and use diesel?

The use of unclean diesel in diesel engines will wear out parts of the fuel system and cause work to deteriorate. The technical state of the diesel fuel system has an important influence on the economical efficiency of the diesel engine. Therefore, the diesel purification can not only improve

Winter Greenhouse Tomato Cultivation Technology in Sunlight Greenhouse

First, the selection of varieties of winter and spring tomatoes suitable for the selection of relatively low-temperature, disease-resistant varieties, such as early morning, early Kui and Xifen 3, Su Kang 5, Su Kang 9, and so on. Second, sowing nursery 1. Seedbed preparation planting one month

Duck habits to adapt to different habits day and night

The duck's living environment alternates day and night. Affected by this, some of the duck's habits also have a corresponding circadian change pattern. To comply with this pattern of change, do a good job of feeding and management of ducks to obtain better economic benefits. First, the