Stingray high yielding method

1. Pond conditions: The intensive production of high-yielding fish ponds requires good water sources, convenient irrigation and drainage, an area of ​​1334-3335 m2 (2-5 mu), water depth of 1.5-2 m, fresh water, rich dissolved oxygen, and less silt in the bottom of the pool. .

Orange pine needle fresh-keeping technology and method

Place the selected citrus in a cool, ventilated place for 3 to 5 days. Let it evaporate a small amount of water for storage. When storing, put a layer of 1~2 cm thick pine needles on the bottom of the container (requiring fresh non-stick water without branches), and then neatly put a layer of

The new technology of raising crabs and earthen ponds

First, the preparation of pro-crab artificial reproduction of crab seedlings, must first have enough brooding crabs. At present, it is mainly achieved through two approaches: one is the capture of natural pregnant crabs from the sea, and the other is the placement of matured pro-crabs into the

Sunflower and transposon

Up to 45% of the genome is known to be so-called transposable elements, and these transposition elements play an important role in the shaping and evolution of the biological genome. Barbara McClintocK proposed the concept of gene translocation by observing the color of corn kernels long b

Rape winter field management measures

Check the seedlings to make up for lack of when the survival of rapeseed transplants should be timely check seedlings to make up for lack of lack of nests to ensure that Miao Qi, Miao whole, Miao Zhuang.

Timely application of early fertilizer, industrious Miaofei. It is necessary t

Method and technique for raising ducks and ducks in captivity

The scientific ingredients for ducks and ducks feed mainly on cereals, accounting for 50% to 60%, adding 10% to 20% of cakes, 10% to 15% of fishmeal, 1% of shell powder and salt, multivitamins and additives. The amount of fish meal can be increased or decreased according to the egg production

Winter greenhouse pepper pest control

Due to continuous planting for many years, pests and diseases of pepper seedlings occurred more frequently. However, because we basically grasped the law of its occurrence and prevention and treatment methods, the condition can generally be controlled at the initial stage of development, witho

Planting management of wild leeks

Wild leeks are delicious and nutritious and are one of the wild foods that people like to eat. The wild leeks have a short growing period, they can be cultivated in multiple seasons and harvested continuously to serve as supplements, adjustments, and enrichment of the vegetable market.

Causes and Troubleshooting of Small Diesel Engine Runaway

Diesel speed means that the speed suddenly rises and it greatly exceeds the nominal speed. At this time, the exhaust sound of the diesel engine is getting denser, the exhaust pipe is emitting black smoke, and reducing the throttle can't reduce the speed. If no emergency measures are taken,

Wide-leaved orange Chinese herbal medicine preservation and preservation

The main components of galangal are 18-eucalyptus and methyl cinnamate, eugenol, terpenes, biscinene and so on. It also contains flavonols, kaempferol, kaempferol, suede. Elements such as isorhamnetin and a spicy ingredient have a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect. The green and green mold in