The Biological Characteristics and Breeding Techniques of Amur Sturgeon (2)

2 Artificial propagation of Amur sturgeon 2.1 Source and selection of broodstock 2.1.1. Origin of broodstock Broodstock is collected in the middle and lower reaches of Heilongjiang Province. The collection time is from May to the end of June of each year. There is no injury to the body of the

Fungus substitute cultivation--branch cultivation

After the culture materials are properly prepared, they are bottled or packed in plastic bags, sterilized, inoculated, and cultured. After the mycelium grows over the bottle, the medium is dug out of the compact. The tools used for excavating the bacteria should be scrubbed with clean water in

In the summer rainy season, early prevention of sweet pepper diseases

In July and August each year, during the high-temperature rainy season, the humidity of the soil and air is very high. The sweet peppers are prone to diseases such as epidemic diseases, anthrax, gray mold, bacterial wilt, and soft rot, which greatly affect the yield and quality of sweet pepper

Taoyuan summer pest control

Targets for prevention and control: fruitworm, leaf roller moth, leafhopper, stink bug, white beetle chafer, scab, bacterial perforation, brown rot. Prevention measures: 1. Strengthen the summer pruning to make the trees airy and transparent. 2. Manually capture the red neck beetle and dig its

How to cultivate spinach efficiently in summer

First, choose suitable heat-resistant varieties. It can still grow normally under the high temperature of about 30 degrees, and the yield per mu can reach 3,000 kilograms. Second, soaking germination. If planted in the middle of June, it can be sown directly. In July, when the temperature rise

Hot summer - no fresh feces can be used in the pouring of crops

In the development of pollution-free agricultural production, the relevant departments have vigorously advocated the use of farmyard fertilizers. However, in the hot summer months, the author went to interviews in remote villages and found that the farmers there had the wrong understanding: Si

Technical points of citrus pruning

Citrus can be harvested in the fall and before spring sprouting, but it is the best pruning period before the February-March orange in the spring. According to the growth and development of citrus, the plastic pruning was divided into three periods: spring pruning, late spring cropping (pre-fl

Tomato early spring cultivation (small ring cultivation)

(1) The varieties are the same as those for greenhouse cultivation. Generally selected early maturing varieties and medium-maturing varieties, the main varieties of Shanghai area are Yangza No. 1, Yangza No. 2, cooperation 903, cooperation 906, Shanghai 908, 21st century, Jiangfen No. 2. (2) S

Causes of wilting flowers and remedial measures

Potted flowers in the growth and development process, due to environmental factors and the reasons for the emergence of flowers itself wilting phenomenon, so that the growth of flowers is inhibited, in severe cases, the flowers will die, must take measures to timely maintenance and rejuvenatio