High-yield management of pear orchards in summer

The summer is the period when the pear tree has the largest amount of vegetative growth and the fastest fruit development. It is also the period when the pear tree is most affected by the external conditions. In this season, the pears have higher requirements for fertilizer and water condition

Clever management of edible fungus pests and diseases

The use of pests to prevent and control (1) can be used to artificially capture mosquitoes; (2) the occurrence of fleas mosquito bags exposed to sunlight for 1-2 hours or sprinkled with lime powder, can effectively kill fleas. Trapping: (1) mosquito moths can be trapped with black lights or en

Golden Heart Brazilian Iron

Jinxin Brazil Iron, also known as Brazil Millennium Wood, is a horticultural variant of the Fragrant Dendrobium. It belongs to the genus Lilium and is a member of the genus of the genus Lilium. When it is in its broad band, it gathers in the upper part of the stem. There is a golden yellow wid

Early rice breeding technology

Fertility is a key link for a good early rice. At present, the temperature gradually rises, and our province will gradually enter the early rice breeding stage from south to north. The early rice breeding technology is introduced as follows: The selected varieties are based on the local climat

Peanut summer sowing high yield technology

Selection of species. The varieties of summer sowing peanuts have more choices, and the varieties of small and medium-sized peanuts are more suitable, such as "Pak Sha 1016", "Yuhua No. 2" and "Zhong Hua No. 2". Wheat peanuts should be used in the early stage of h

Corn Cob Bag Cultivation Shiitake Mushrooms

To cultivate shiitake mushrooms with corn cobs, it is necessary to crush the corn cob shaft rods after removing the corn kernels into crumbs, and add a certain amount of auxiliary materials to prepare the culture medium, which can be used for the corn kernel suitable “EX03” mushroo

Chicken Magical Vitamin

1. In the early brooding period, from the start of eating to 1 week of age, vitamins should be added twice to enhance the function of the body. Vitamin C has anti-allergy, detoxification, and immunity, and it is extremely beneficial to add vitamin C before brooding. 2. Chicks are most likely t

Planting Spring Corn Variety Plus Method

Select good varieties: planting spring corn to choose the reproductive period of more than 112 days, developed root systems, compact plant type, red leaves, strong growth, strong resistance varieties. Seeds should be sowed before sowing, remove small particles, diseased grains, pods and air dr

Color cotton high quality and high yield cultivation techniques

Natural colored cotton is a new type of high-tech cotton. In the field, the fiber has a variety of natural colors when bolled. Due to its unique rich natural color, it does not need to be dyed during textile processing, and it will not fade after a long time. It does not contain any chemical t

Grain-use Millet New Variety Jugu and High-yielding Cultivation Techniques

In 1998, we introduced a new millet variety, Jugu, from Northeast Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. After many trials, it showed high yield, high quality, strong adaptability, and wide range of uses. At present, it has been planted in the Hexi Corridor for about 200 hours. It is an ideal food-

Summer vegetables: strengthen management of fewer pests

Vegetables grown in summer are less resistant to high temperatures, light, and rain, and diseases and pests are heavier. Production should first be mitigated by improving management of summer vegetables. Land preparation is done to avoid continuous cropping, and it is not planted in poorly-dra

Dairy cow breeding technology

I. Induced feeding method Starting from the first two weeks before the calving of the cow, on the basis of feeding during the dry period, a certain amount of concentrate is fed daily, that is, about 1.8 kg of concentrate is fed on the first day and is increased by 0.4 each day thereafter. Kg u