Chinese herbal medicine seed storage techniques

In addition to conventional storage methods, Chinese herbal medicine farmers should carefully master the following six storage techniques to ensure the germination rate and make preparations for the next season. 1. The drug species must be stored separately from other vegetables, grains, grass

Fruit tree rot disease prevention method

Fruit tree rot is a disease that is difficult to treat. In the past, more pesticides such as Formamide, such as Formamide, were used to prevent and control harmful pesticides. This does not meet current non-pollution production requirements. Some of the non-pollution prevention methods with si

Crop boron fertilizer technology

Boron deficiency in crops can be supplemented by the application of boron fertilizer to normalize crop growth. The method of applying boron fertilizer generally includes three kinds of base fertilizer, topdressing fertilizer and seed fertilizer. (1) Base fertilizer, that is, the fertilizer is

3 You 18 Cultivation Techniques of Indica Rice

The hybrid japonica rice 3 You 18 was listed by the Ministry of Agriculture as a new breed that was mainly promoted in 2002. Now it has become the main planting variety for hybrid rice planting in northern Jiangsu Province. The variety has excellent rice quality, lodging resistance, high resis

New high-yielding cultivation techniques of mung bean

Mungbean prices have been relatively stable in recent years, coupled with lax soil requirements, simple planting, and an area that has expanded year by year, making it a good project for farmers to grow rich. The developed countries do not attach importance to the production of cereals and mis

Maintenance of recreational diesel engine

1. Use a cleaning agent to remove dust and oil on the surface, drain the engine oil and cooling water, remove the diesel tank and the diesel filter at the same time, clean it, wash it, and put it back in place. Fill the tank with diesel oil to prevent fuel tanks from being generated. rust. 2.

Duck duck high-yielding feeding technology

Feeding and management of ducklings Choosing the right brooding period has an impact on improving duckling survival and laying performance. It is generally best to bred early spring ducks at the end of April or early May, or to raise “spring ducks” in June, or raise “autumn d

How to eliminate pests in farmyard fertilizers

Farmyard manure is indeed a very good source of organic fertilizers, but we often find that when we use it, the fields that have used farmyard fertilizers sometimes have a lot of underground pests, and there is a tendency to increase year by year. This is related to improper use of farmyard ma

Polyploid dandelion greenhouse cultivation techniques

1. Site selection and construction of greenhouses Polyploid dandelion high resistance to pests and diseases, the temperature, humidity, light requirements are not very strict, ordinary facilities to meet their environmental requirements. The site selection of the greenhouse requires leeward, s

Forest rat pest control

One of the causes of forest rodents' plagues is the loss of balance between ecological and environmental conditions, the reduction of natural enemies, and the loss of control of the rodents to reproduce in large numbers. The second is the lack of food. When other foods are missing or absen

Several food processing methods for crab

1, drunk crab will be washed and drained fresh crabs, uncover the umbilicus with a bamboo stick to insert a small hole, navel plug salt and pepper covered. Preparation of pickled liquid: 100 kg of fresh crabs, 10 kg of sugar, 10 kg of salt, 6 kg of ginger, 40 kg of soy sauce, 0.6 kg of pepper,