Fritillaria pest control technology

Botrytis cinerea: Botrytis cinerea is a major disease of Fritillaria sinensis, and it is mainly responsible for stems and leaves. The lesions on the leaves are light brown dots, which later expand into oval or irregular lesions. There are obvious water-stained rings on the edges and the format

Dairy high-yielding husbandry management technology

One of the feeding methods is to regularly quantify and less frequently add. Due to long-term conditioned reflexes, the digestive glands begin to secrete before feeding, but feeding too early or too late disrupts the digestive glands of cattle and affects the digestion and absorption of feed;

Winter breeding of pregnant cows

First, carefully raise the cow after pregnancy, not only to maintain their own needs of nutrition, but also to provide nutrition for the growth and development of the fetus, but also the accumulation of a certain amount of nutrients to ensure postpartum lactation. Therefore, 1 to 2 kilograms o

Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Autumn Leaf Tomato Leaf Mould

Leaf mold is a kind of disease caused by high temperature and high humidity. Its onset conditions are: temperature 20-25°C, relative humidity more than 90%, it is easy to be onset and epidemic; it is easy to spread when the plants are too dense and have poor ventilation and watering. , and

Chicken Law

First, life-long immunity When the eggs hatch to 18 days, they are arbitrarily chosen to soften with acetic acid on the eggshell. After the vaccine is injected into the embryos, the hatched chicks can be basically immune for life. Second, the music chicken chicken chicks in the hatching chicke

How to safely store sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes harvested from the roots of the crop, fresh potatoes, large volume, high moisture content, young tissue, thin skin easily damaged, susceptible to cold damage and infection and rot. Sweet potato still has vigorous breathing during storage, its breathing intensity is ten to ten ti

Application of Plant Growth Regulators to Fruit Trees

Plant growth regulators are synthetic organic compounds that have the function of promoting, inhibiting or otherwise altering a plant's growth process. Although it is a trace substance, it can exert a significant effect. However, improper use is often counterproductive, and reasonable use

Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Starfruit Spiders

Carambola Red Spider is also known as carambola. The worm can endanger carambola, papaya, alfalfa and other fruit trees. With pods and pups, clusters of leaves, young shoots, and fruit juice suck harm. There were many grey spots on the victim's site, yellowed, often causing fallen leaves a

Rabbit's winter breeding technique

First, maintain the temperature Practice has proved that if the rabbithouse temperature is lower than 5 °C will make the female estrus to stop, the male rabbit's mating desire to reduce; if the temperature of the farrowing box is lower than 15 °C, puppies are more difficult to surviv

Preservation and freshness preservation of fresh jujube

Jujube is one of the fruit trees native to China and its fruit is rich in nutrients. However, fresh dates are extremely resistant to possession. Here are some technical points for the storage and preservation of fresh jujube: First, the selection of resistant collection species generally consi