Guangdong Dayeqing Manufacturing Process

Dayeqing is a specialty of Guangdong. The system of law is to kill after the first withering, and then knead stuffy heaps, which is different from other yellow tea. The main purpose of withering before wiping and rubbing stuffy after rubbing is to eliminate the astringency of green gas, pr

shock! Raw papaya eat more and more breast

Although many women know that papaya is the best fruit for breast enhancement, in fact, not eating papaya can have the effect of breast enhancement. If it is not done properly, it may even turn the original "a cup" into an "airport."

The principle of papaya brea

Detox food that must be eaten after a big meal

Konjac. In Chinese medicine, it is called "Six Snakes," a famous "gastrointestinal scavenger" and "blood purifying agent." It can effectively remove waste on the intestinal wall and prevent constipation.

Black Fungus. Contains plant gum has strong adso

It is not appropriate to eat food with wine

Wine is a natural, complex beverage that is easily appreciated by people. The principle of adaptation of wine and dishes is that the style of wine and dishes should not be a pressure on or cover up another, wine and food should not be noisy and beating the marriage.

A bogey accompa

Longgu Beauty tea production technology

The production process of Long Valley Beauty Tea is very particular: Generally, from before and after “Qingming” to “Guyu”, the first bud of buds and leaves is used as raw material, and it is not used during picking. Rain, dew, no frozen damage shoots, no pests shoo

Broccoli Daejeon Plant Management Precautions

Broccoli Daejeon planting management mainly pays attention to the following aspects.

1. Intertillage: One week after planting, weeding and weeding should be done once, and roots should be properly planted. Weeding and weeding were then conducted 1-2 times depending on the weed cond

Nine heart-protective foods in the kitchen

Do you want to protect your heart by swallowing the deep-sea fish oil, vitamin E capsules, or garlic capsules? According to a recent report by Taiwan’s “Healthy” magazine, in fact, in your home’s kitchen, there are many good foods that are good for the heart.

The first nutritious breakfast we eat?

Is your breakfast at the breakfast shop or walking along the road to eat? In order to cater to everyone's tastes, the foods provided in the fast food restaurants at breakfast are mostly characterized by high fat, high protein, high calorie, and high sugar. If such foods are used as bre

What to do if the chicken doesn't eat long

The reason why chickens eat and don't grow long is not necessarily due to E. coli, probably due to swollen glands and stomach caused by viral immunosuppressive diseases in the chickens, or muscle and stomach erosion due to feed. Due to immunosuppression, this chicken is often susceptible t

How to eat summer fruit?

In summer, many people are reluctant to eat and are passionate about all kinds of fruits. Then the following kinds of fruit must be mentioned!

1. When watermelon arrives in summer, everyone loves to eat watermelon. The rich moisture can not only suppl