Spring Afforestation "Five Places"

Spring is the golden season of afforestation. In order to improve the survival rate of afforestation in spring, the following points should be grasped during afforestation:

First, tree species selection In place selection tree species must adhere to the principle of appropriate trees, according to different afforestation sites to select the appropriate species or species. 1. Plain area: The site conditions are good, the soil is deep, and the tree species with high efficiency can be selected, such as ginkgo, poplar, apple, pear, date, etc., excellent, special, and new varieties. 2. Mountain area: The top of the mountain is thin and the ground conditions are poor. You can choose pine, cypress conifers, etc.; the middle selection is chestnut, persimmon, walnut, etc.; the lower soil depth can choose apple, pear, peach and so on.

Second, seedlings in place seedlings are the material basis for afforestation. The quality of seedlings directly affects the survival rate of afforestation. Seedling standards: First, the seedlings are thick and straight, full lignification, and no growth; the second is no pests and diseases, and the growth is good; third, the roots of the seedlings are well developed, the main roots are short and straight, and the lateral roots are more roots; the fourth is the weight of the seedlings, and the comparison of stem roots. Small, the ground and underground parts grow well-balanced.

Third, site preparation For different site conditions, adopt different methods of soil preparation. 1. Plain area: The soil is loose. Groove or culm-like planting can be used. Grooves can be used to open trenches with agricultural machinery. Requires 60 cm deep; burrows require 60 cm square. 2. Mountain area: It is required to dig more than 0.3 meters. For level below 25, horizontal leveling and external stone masonry should be used to arrange the material. For slopes above 25, fish scale pits or small hole-like soil preparations shall be used to arrange the slopes.

Fourth, planted in place

1. Planted in time. According to the characteristics of tree species planted in time. For early germinating pine, cypress, willow and other tree species, should be planted when the soil thawing; for late germination of locust, jujube, 107 Yang, 108 Yang, 46 Yang and other tree species, to sprout when sprouting planted.

2. When planting, it is necessary to follow the seedlings, transport, planting, and watering. Before raising seedlings, the nursery must be irrigated and the root system must be kept intact to bring fibrous roots. Before the shipment of the seedlings, the roots of the seedlings shall be slurried and transported after the roots of the seedlings are packaged. After the seedlings were transported to the afforestation site, the seedlings that were not used at that time were subject to timely planting.

Fifth, management and protection in place According to the weather, soil moisture and other timely watering. The establishment of forest protection and fire protection management teams shall prevent the destruction of humans and livestock, and timely implement prevention and control of forest pests and diseases.

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