Birthing sow's production technology

Demonstration households should not only master the husbandry and management techniques, but also master the production technology in order to increase the survival rate. Its production technology is:
The delivery room is disinfected 2 weeks before delivery, and is kept dry. Especially for the delivery room with severe diarrhea or other medical history, it should be strictly soaked in 1-2% caustic soda solution for more than 2 hours, rinsed with plenty of water, and sprayed for one week after drying. . The sows were sent to the delivery room one week before delivery to wash the whole body of the sow. The mothers and genitals were cleaned with potassium permanganate solution before delivery to prepare for confinement. If the breasts are shiny and the genitals are red and swollen, squeeze the last two pairs of nipples by hand. If there is breast milk, it means that the baby will give birth within 2-3 hours. After the piglets are produced, the following points should be made.
One is to remove the mouth mucus with a finger immediately, then dry the whole body's mucus.
The second is to cut the umbilicus and squeeze the blood in the umbilical cord back into the abdominal cavity. Then the umbilical cord is scraped with a finger at 3-4 cm from the abdomen. The iodine ball is used to stop the bleeding and disinfect the decapitated to prevent the incomplete closure of the umbilicus and form the umbilical hernia. .
The third is to crush the tail, go to the dog's teeth, and fill in the litter record.
Fourth, do a good job of keeping warm and cold, prevent the heat and cool down, anti-pressure work, after childbirth is best separated by 2-3 days, regular milk, fixed piglets sucking teats.
The fifth is to pay attention to the sow's drinking water in the delivery process, and the birthplace should be taken away in time to avoid eating raw food. After the delivery, the sows should be trained to defecate and urinate regularly.
Sixthly, it is an emergency for the suspended dead pigs. Some piglets stop breathing after giving birth but the heart is still beating. This is suspended animation. The mucus should be quickly removed and the nose should be blown. Then put the piglets on their four limbs, put their hands on their shoulders, and support the buttocks one by one, and repeat them one at a time until the piglets call out.

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