The reason and prevention of leek leaf

In the growing season of leeks, leaf dryness often occurs. Farmers often spray insecticides on the shoots of the plants. Because the control objects are blind, the general control effect is not good. Because the leek leaves are caused by the disease, gray mold, and some are caused by physiological diseases, spraying insecticide is undoubtedly the "north of the north." On the other hand, dry leaves caused by underground larvae such as the onion fly and the late-to-earth gnat-spotted mosquitoes are sprayed with medicaments on the ground, and there are also problems in the control sites. The prevention and treatment of leeks and leaves is still a good choice for the right medicine.
Blight caused by the disease is the main disease in the protected area. The affected areas were water-stained. The diseased parts of leaves and floral moss were dark green, but the roots and bulbs were light brown. The diseased parts had no obvious edges. The diseased part produces white sparse mildew when it is wet, and the diseased leaves become dry yellow when dry. The soft rot of the infected plant's roots and stems cannot normally absorb water and nutrients, resulting in the overlying or dry parts of the ground. The occurrence of the disease is related to drainage. During the prevention and treatment, attention should be paid to drainage, dehumidification, and rotation. In the early stage of disease, 25% of thioredox may be used 600 times, or 58% of metalaxyl MnZn may be 500 times or 40% of EDP 200-300. Doubling liquid 40 ~ 50 kg per mu, 7 to 10 days once.
The incidence of dead leaves caused by gray mold begins with the tip of the leaf blade developing downwards. At the beginning of the disease, white and light brown spots appear on the front and back of leaves. As the disease progresses, the lesion expands into a fusiform or elliptical shape, and finally the lesions are flaky and the diseased leaves are dry. When wet, the diseased leaves produce a layer of gray to gray-green and dense mold. In addition to control and drainage in addition to dehumidification, can be used 50% speed Keling 1000 to 1500 times liquid, spray once in 20 days, 20% triadimefon
800 to 1000 times liquid or 50% carbendazim 600 times, sprayed twice after the leek harvested and 5 to 8 cm high.
The roots of dead leaves caused by root larvae are the most recent pests, mainly on onion fly and late-wing maggot mosquito. As the roots penetrate into the bulbs, they often have more than a dozen or dozens of larvae. The victim's bulbs are eaten into empty holes, causing the decayed leaves to turn brown and fade to death. Control can be used on the sun root, apply grass ash or 5% phoxim granules per acre 2 kg mixed with fine soil sprinkled near the leeks and then covered with soil. During the period of larvae damage, it was found that the tip of the leaf began to yellow and become soft and lodging on the ground. It can be controlled by irrigating, and 75% phoxim EC can be used 500 times or 25% quizopriosin EC 1000 times to break open the topsoil of the rhizosphere. Sprinkler irrigation, covering the soil at any time, spraying at 9 to 10 am is best. In the adult emergence period (in late April, mid June, late July, mid 10 October), spray 10% osmium (also known as once-in-a-time, Kangfu-do, imidacloprid, Dagong et al) from 2000 to 2500 times , or 75% phoxim
1000 times or 2.5% of cyanuric chloride vinegar 3000 times, 9 to 10 am spray effect. Late-infested adult mosquitoes live in multiple shades, damp, and humus habitats. During the summer and autumn, the ventilation of the leaves can be reduced. The light tends to be polarized and can also be trapped and killed by frequency-vibration insecticidal lamps.
Physiological diseases caused by dry leaf amaranth dry tip, leaf withered, dead plant phenomenon, and sometimes with soil acidification, ammonia poisoning, high temperature (above 35 °C) and low temperatures caused by white tip rotten leaf, lack of calcium, lack of boron, manganese surplus It will also cause yellowing of the leaf tip and can be used to take preventive measures.

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