When is the tomato pruned?

Pruning is mainly forked, removing too many side branches. When the temperature is low, it is advisable to dry the dew in the greenhouse. The sunny days can be pruned in the morning.
The organic fertilizer is mainly used as a base fertilizer, and the amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is increased after fruit set.
There is no need to take a awning. It is mainly shaded when the temperature is high at noon on sunny days, and it should be promptly removed at other times.

Formula: CH3CHOHCOOH Molecular weight: 90.08 Performance:It is colorless transparent viscidity liquid, mild acid, guide wetly; the aqueous solution shows the acid reaction. It can be mixed with water, ethanol or ether wantonly, but not dissolved in chloroform. Specification:80%, 88% Packing:25kg drums, 250kg drums, IBC plastic drums. Main use: This product has characteristics, such as hot stability natural purely with soft and certain tart flavor,etc. Widely used in the food,pharmaceutical,electroless plating industries,etc.

Lactic AcidLactic Acid

Other Chemicals

Other Chemicals,Epichlorohydrin (Ech),Lactic Acid 80%

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