Herbage Tall Fescue Cultivation Technology

Tall fescue is also known as Festuca arundinacea and Frog-like Frog, which is a grass perennial herb. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability, medium quality and high grass yield. The warm temperate zone in the north of China and the subtropical zone in the south have been cultivated. One of the important cultivated pastures in Europe and America.

Tall fescue root system is well-developed, stem erect, sparse plexiform, 80-120 cm high. Leaves are bar-shaped, panicles, loosely branched.

Tall fescue has a good adaptability to a variety of ecological environments, cold, heat, drought, moisture, and acid and alkaline soil (pH4.7-9.5). It can withstand high temperatures of 38°C in the summer and winters safely at the conditions of -15°C in the winter. Tall fescue should be planted in the spring and autumn rainy season, mainly in autumn. Before sowing, it needs fine soil preparation and sufficient base fertilizer. Mu seed amount 1.0 to 2.0 kg, seeding spacing 30 cm, sowing depth of 2 to 3 cm, appropriate suppression after sowing. It can also be mixed with legumes. Seedling growth is slow, attention should be paid to cultivating weeds, returning greens and cuttings, timely watering and applying available nitrogen fertilizers. Tall fescue grows for about 270 days per year, has a long lifespan, and reaches high yields 3 to 4 years after cultivation.

The quality of tall fescue is moderate. Dry matter in stems and leaves contains 15% crude protein, 26.6% crude fiber, and 2% crude fat. Suitable for silage silage, modulation of hay, can be cut about 4 times a year, and should be carried out at the heading stage, in order to maintain a good palatability and nutritional value. Tall fescue is rough, but the prepared hay goat prefers to eat.

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