Winter green fertilizer production six attention

Fertilizers have had a large negative effect on agricultural production since they began to be used in large quantities in the mid to late 1980s. In particular, the impact of cultivated land quality is prominent, first of all in the decline of soil aggregate structure, increase in block structure, deterioration of permeability performance, and the need for fertilizer increases year by year. Secondly, the soil pH value decreased, and the comprehensive production capacity decreased. To solve this practical problem in agricultural production, it is imperative to develop winter green manure production. According to the determination, every 1000 kilograms of fresh purple grass is quite pure nitrogen 3.3 kilograms, phosphorus pentoxide 0.8 kilograms, potassium oxide 2.3 kilograms. Shiziyunying per acre 1500 kilograms, equivalent to 11 kilograms of urea, 10 kilograms of superphosphate, 5.8 kilograms of potassium chloride, can also increase soil organic matter by 0.1% each year. Therefore, it will have a significant effect on improving the soil structure, enhancing the comprehensive productivity of soil, and enhancing sustainable agricultural production. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop winter green manure production. It is hoped that the majority of peasant friends will strengthen the cultivation of green manure to ease the current decline in soil production capacity and the contradiction of fertilizer supply. Its cultivation techniques are as follows:

1. Choose seeds and plant them according to local conditions. Planting early rice fields in some areas of our city is mainly ideal for selecting Xiangfei No. 3, Anhui and Henan species. It is more appropriate for dryland and middle rice paddies to choose Ningbo Bridge and Yujiang Daye.

2, do a good job of rub seed dressing, timely sowing. Ziyunying seeds have a layer of waxy surface that is not easy to absorb water, so the seeds germinate slowly. Before seeding, the seeds should be added with about 30% chaff or river sand in the axillary for 10-20 minutes to increase the germination rate. At the same time inoculated rhizobia, per kg of seeds mixed with 2 kg of superphosphate seed dressing after sowing. The sowing proposal is based on the pattern of late rice harvest. Use mechanical harvesting to sow seeds immediately after harvesting. Wet fields are required for sowing.

3, do a good job "three ditch" support. After the harvest of double-season rice, it is necessary to open new ditch in time to deepen the old ditch, so that the "three ditch" (main ditch, Weigou, Xianggou) supporting. Generally every 2 meters to open a car ditch, the ditch depth of 0.2 meters, the main ditch, ditch to break the plow bottom, so that the ditch connected, can irrigation can row.

4, apply wax fertilizer. In mid-December, over 20-25kg of calcium phosphate per acre was applied to give full play to the effects of nitrogen addition by phosphorus.

5, promote early hair after spring. To achieve early Qing "three ditch." There is much rain in spring and in order to create a good dry and wet soil condition for Ziyunying, the drainage must be cleared in time in early spring so that the rain can be stopped. Simultaneous application of grass fat. After the spring, Ziyunying's growth rate has accelerated and the demand for nutrients has increased. Therefore, we must look at the field, see the seedlings Zhuoshui quickly raise seedlings to promote spring hair, generally urea 3-5kg, to achieve the purpose of small fertilizer for big fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer for organic fertilizer.

6, timely control of pests and diseases. Diseases of Ziyunying mainly include sclerotinia and powdery mildew. Insect pests mainly include thrips, aphids, and leaf miners, and pest and disease prediction should be promptly carried out. Care should be taken to prevent and treat the disease in a timely manner.

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