Melon processing products production points

(1) winter melon soup.
1 Process flow: raw material selection → peeling → cutting → hardening → sugar impregnation → sugar cook → drying → sugar coating → finished product.
2 production points:
Raw material selection: Gener

Herring pond pollution-free breeding techniques

The herring, also known as barley, snail, black clam, and green clam, is one of China's four major fishes, belonging to the subfamily Kookaburra. The body has a cylindrical shape, the side of the tail is flat, and the abdomen is round; the upper part of the body and the body side are b

Matcha and powdered tea making process

At present, "matcha" and "powder tea" are popular in the market, both of which are powdery and very similar in appearance. However, the processing of raw materials and processing methods are very different. Therefore, these two names cannot be confused and there are com

Winter and spring pigs attention moisture dehumidification

The “low temperature and high humidity” in winter and spring pighouses is a taboo for raising pigs and is an important obstacle to pig production in winter and spring. Therefore, in the cold and humid season, feeding and management should be strengthened, and effective measures

Tomatoes should not be seeded several times

Tomato seedlings suitable for 1 to 2 times, 1 more common. This is because the more the number of seedlings is divided, the heavier the damage to the root system will be, and it will cause premature root ageing. At the same time, due to excessive number of seedlings, seedling growth is inhibit

Bio-fertilizer increases soil fertility

The growth and development of crops are affected by various links such as light, temperature, oxygen supply, and nutrient supply. The soil nutrient supply to crops is affected by two aspects. Soil fertility refers to the ability of the soil to absorb and retain nutr

How herbicides should be mixed

How herbicides are mixed

Herbicides are mixed and need to master the following principles:

First: The weeding range of the two herbicides should be different.

Second: The quick-acting agent should be mixed with the delayed-acting agent. The long-acting agent should

Fermented straw feed

Fermented straw feed is fermented and transformed with straws. The crude fiber content of straw is reduced by several times compared with non-fermented straw. The crude protein content is doubled compared to non-fermentation, the digestibility of dry matter is incre

How to increase biogas production rate

How to increase the biogas production rate The methane produced after anaerobic decomposition of biogas feedstock is completed by the role of various biogas microorganisms. Therefore, adding a sufficient amount of microbial starter as an inoculum to the production o

The efficacy of the mushroom capsule

The efficacy of the saccharomycetes capsule The jinbaoshen capsule has been affirmed by many patients and has caused great repercussions in society. So what does it work through, and what does it do?
The secret of the golden baby mushroom capsule is that it con

Common crop diseases

1. Spots: This phytotoxicity is mainly manifested in the leaves, with yellow spots, brown spots, and dead spots. If butachlor is used to cause brown spots in the early stage of rice field application, a high concentration of mancozeb may cause spots on the edges of rice leaves.