High-yielding Cultivation Techniques of No-till and Straight-row Rape

Variety selection of paddy field, no-tillage direct seed oil rape should be selected "two-line" or "three-line" hybrid quality and high yield of "double low" rape, such as Xiangza miscellaneous oil No. 1, Xiangza oil No. 2, Xiangza oil No. 3, Xiang miscellaneo

Management of Fertilizer after Colonization of Non-pollution Pepper

Pepper roots are shallow, the root volume is small, and the ability of sucking fertilizers is poor. The absorption of pepper during the fruiting period accounted for more than half of the total amount of fertilizers. Before the fruit was picked up from the door to the harvest, not only the

Yacon mulching and seedling transplanting techniques

First, the plastic film covering technology must first apply enough base fertilizer to water well, according to a row spacing of 85 to 100 cm, with a small four-wheel tractor with a 1.2 to 1.3 meter ramming machine, scraping soil and smashing, starting from a height of 20 to 25 cm. Then ma

Anti-wind leaf dystrophy

The appearance of leaf curling and plant shrinkage in peppers is a viral infection. The disease is caused by the spread of waxes. It is easy to occur in large areas. In the peak period of flowering, after the infection, the flowering of peppers significantly reduced, the flowering and frui

The focus and difficulty of summer aquaculture management

July-August is the peak season for temperature and water temperatures throughout the year. It is also a season of growing fish, shrimp, crabs, and oysters. At the same time, it is also a time when the disease has spread and spread, which is the focus and difficulty of aquaculture managemen

Cold chilling of vegetables still needs to be prevented

In the freezing maintenance process, the timely rescue of certain frozen vegetables, such as cabbage and other crunchy varieties, will not only delay the supply of vegetables during the frozen period, but also reduce the loss of vegetable farmers.

In the process of temperature rise

BB fertilizer production process

New Process of BB Fertilizer Production Qinhuangdao Sanon Modernization Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhangzhu 13633332855
Abstract: This paper proposes a new process of BB fertilizer production—quantitative batching, mixing and packaging of single-bags, based on the analysis

Peach Tree Summer Management Technical Advice

Summer is an important period of growth and results in the year. It is important to grasp the good growth of summer management work and to capture the key seasons of high quality and high efficiency of peaches. The opinions on the technical management requirements for the first five to eig

How to graft seedlings for chestnut

Through several years of observation, it has been found that many factors affect the survival rate of grafted seedlings, mainly the good scion harvesting, grafting period and subsequent management. Can achieve high survival rate of grafted seedlings, seedling growth thick, and good economi

Concentrate sheep technology

Concentrated sheep breeding technology has the characteristics of rapid growth, early slaughter, and high returns. It is a new technology for raising farmers' scales and rapid entrepreneurship and enrichment.

Choosing excellent breeding goats uses good Boer goats as male parents,

Rose Hydrosol - Beauty & Skincare Trinity!

Rose Hydrosol - Beauty & Skincare Trinity!
Rose Water's greatest feature is its green nature. Pure water is a by-product of the use of distillation to collect plant essential oils, since a large amount of water-soluble substances are dissolved in the di