Potted frostbite needs to trim branches and leaves in time

“My family bought a money tree before the New Year. After the New Year, the leaves were all pulled down and began to fall. What should I do?” “My rich bamboo leaves on the desk are all yellow, so it’s too expensive to buy it. However, they do not know where to trea

Problems and Countermeasures in Swine Swine

Keep warm The plastic sheds built with plastic film often have poor insulation properties. Because of the low winter temperature, short sunshine, large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the shed, the plastic film is prone to condensation, and the insulation is not la

Golden baby bacteria flower

Jinbao fungus cultivation features:
1. The golden treasure microbial fertilizer produces a large amount of acidic substances through the metabolism of various beneficial bacteria, promotes the dissolution and release of insoluble nutrients in the soil, and also

Vegetable sprayed wrong pesticide remedies

1. Spraying fresh water After spraying the medicine or phytotoxicity, spray water quickly to wash the surface of the affected plant. The harm caused by alkaline chemicals can be added when the water is sprayed; the phytotoxicity caused by the acid agent can be added by spraying 0.1% quickl

To cure the pollution-free honey orange ease

Another year when the orange is cooked. One day in mid-September, the reporter walked into the citrus garden of Xinglong Village, Baima Town, Dongpo District, and saw the black light that hung insects on the top of the fruit trees. The tree had a predatory mite that eats red spiders, and a

Palace cheese processing

Palace cheese, also known as rice wine milk, deduction of cheese, is one of the famous Qing Dynasty court dairy products. It is a dairy product made from fresh milk, white sugar, and coagulant, which is made of incubating curd. The appearance of the product is a white solidified body, tissue s

Fermentation bed advantages

Benefits of the Fermentation Bed In the winter, the most thought of breeding is to keep animals warm and create a suitable climate for them. The farmers also do a lot of work in this area, but the fermentation bed is the most affordable. Why?
First of all, it h

Effective breeding of hybrid squid technology in the spring

Spring is the breeding season for salmon. If the following conditions exist, it will seriously affect reproductive performance and economic benefits. First, broodstock lack of maturity, resulting in less spawning, low fertilization rate; Second, the eggs hatched during hatching hydromycosis; T

Rose effect

The effect of Rose Dew Potions Rose Hydrosol is almost omnipotent, and there is no need to make excuses when using it. It is highly recommended to treat it as a balance of hormones of all ages by dilution after oral administration. And when used in combination with ess

How to buy organic fertilizer

First of all, because the total nutrient content of organic fertilizers is relatively low, the total NPK nutrient content of some fertilizers on the market is relatively easy to meet the requirements, but the content of organic matter is often unqualified.

Second, organic fertilize

Citrus fertilization should prevent chlorine damage

In recent years, citrus production caused by irrational use of chlorinated fertilizers and pesticides caused the phenomenon of chlorine gradually attracted the attention of citrus farmers, especially after the harvest of fruits, some citrus farmers applied high-compound fertilizer containi

Rapid breeding of high yield and high efficiency technology

The whole body of squid is a treasure. The meat has no intermuscular puncture and has a high rate of consumption. It can be used as raw fish and fried fish fillets, as well as smoked and canned foods. Its kisses, fins, liver, sputum, bone, gastrointestinal tract, and notochord are all Othe