What are the four aspects of algae fertilization?

Algae fertilizer has a great role in the cultivation of crops, for example, the microbial growth of the golden seaweed seaweed bacteria mainly through the function of nitrogen fixation, phosphate decomposing potassium, activating the soil, so that the crop roots aro

The benefits of Rose Dew

Jinbao pure natural rose water is a distilled water solution of rose flowers. It is rich in rose essential oils and various water-soluble active ingredients such as proteins, tannins, and cyclic peptides in a variety of roses. Rose water is transparent and clear and ha

Winter Tree Planting Keeping Measures

In winter, the temperature is low, the water evaporates slowly, and the seedlings are generally dormant. If you want to plant seedlings at this time, you can take the following measures to increase the survival rate.

Protect seedlings from seedlings and transport seedlings to ensur

Control of common physiological diseases of tomato fruits

The physiological disease of tomato fruit is caused by unfavorable environmental conditions. Once the environmental conditions return to normal, the physiological disease ceases to develop, and sometimes it can return to normal. There are many reasons for physiological diseases, such as in

Using Lime Quickly as "Five Agents"

One is the water conditioner. Aquaculture pond water quality is easy to be acidic and aging, with a concentration of 15l0-6~2010-6 quicklime liquid Quanchiposa, can adjust the water quality, improve the water culture environment. In addition, regularly throwing lime solution in the pond of

Greenhouse Cucumbers

The cucumber vines in the greenhouse can evenly distribute the leaves, maintain the reasonable lighting position, maintain the optimal leaf coefficient, and increase the photosynthetic efficiency, which can strengthen the growth potential and prolong the fruiting period. However, it is nec

Field Management of Fresh Edible Beans

Fresh Edible Soybean is an excellent vegetable variety. It can be quickly frozen and kept fresh. The annual supply market has high economic benefits. The mu income is twice to four times that of mature soybeans. The key points of its field management are as follows:

1. Scientific f

Starting from Seeds to Prevent Eggplant Vegetable Diseases

Withering, blue-greening, early-onset epidemics, anthrax and virus diseases are the main diseases in the growth process of tomato, eggplant, pepper and other eggplant vegetables, and have a great influence on the yield and quality of vegetables. In practice, we use seed treatment technique

Fertilizer Fermenting Agent to Solve the Disadvantages of Composting

Various types of feces can be harmful if they are not fermented and decomposed:
1 Infectious diseases and pests. Excrement, household waste and other organic materials contain coliforms, nematodes, and other pathogens and pests. The direct use of these organisms can result in the spre