Agricultural machinery maintenance 10

One, smart storage motor

In a humid area, before the motor is stored, wipe the outer shell of the motor clean, dry it, put it in a plastic bag, and put a suitable amount of dry lime in a new kiln into the plastic bag, and then fasten the bag of plastic bags. Replace the lime block every 3 months or so to effectively prevent the motor from getting wet.

Second, cleverly wipe the windshield

When the windshield of a motor vehicle is dirty, it should be washed with clean water and then wiped dry. If wipers are used directly or wiped directly with a cloth, it is easy to shave the glass, which is unfavorable for driving safety.

Third, clever buy accessories

Many operators buy parts and sometimes even run a few trips. It's not a model that is wrong or that they are of different sizes. Therefore, when buying parts, it is best to take the data or take the old parts to avoid buying the wrong ones.

Four, coherent hand-held automatic steering

The steering tractor steering gear meshes with the central transmission gear due to the spring force of the steering spring. After the weakening of the steering spring elasticity, the steering gear is easily disengaged from the central transmission gear, resulting in the automatic steering of the walking tractor. At this point, spacers can be properly added between the steering spring and the bearing to increase spring force and eliminate auto steering failure.

V. Breaking the motor vehicle out of gear

When the vehicle is driving, it may be able to disengage itself if it encounters a bumpy road surface. After the gear is disengaged, it is again hung in a gear. If the gear is very light, the reason for the self-shifting is generally that the variable speed self-locking device fails. If there is a certain resistance after re-engagement, check if the connection between the transmission and the flywheel housing is loose.

Six, check the crack

Once the parts on the machine are cracked, they must not be used. But how to determine if there are cracks and cracks in the parts? Put suspicious parts in kerosene and soak for 30 minutes. Take out the dry surface and apply a piece of chalk ash to the surface. After some time, the chalk ash absorbs the kerosene that has leaked from the cracks, causing cracked areas to change. Black, you can find the cracked part of the part.

Seven, smart tires

First remove the rust from the rim, apply a thin layer of talc between the inner and outer tires, then lay the rim flat and put the tire on. Use a pedal or crowbar to pry the rim of the tire into the rim, insert the inner tube, and use the wire to fix the inflation valve in the rim inflation valve hole, and then install the other side of the tire. Starting from the corresponding position of the inflation valve, use a crowbar to push a part of the tire into the rim first, and then gradually install the tire from the inflation valve to both sides. At the same time, step on the tread with the foot in the position opposite to the inflation valve, and then step on the side, you can make The bead ring portion of the tire is gradually loaded into the rim.

Eight, smart oil seal

When the oil seal is mounted on the crankshaft, the inner end face of the seal is easily twisted, resulting in oil leakage. Roll a piece of clean, thin cardboard into a trumpet roll. Put the roll on the shaft. Place the small end of the roll on the shaft end. Put the oil seal on the small end of the roll. Gently seal the oil seal with your hand. Rotate on the shaft, and the direction of rotation is consistent with the direction of reel rotation. When the seal is in place, slowly withdraw from the reel.

9, demolition water tank

When disassembling the Dongfeng-12 hand tractor tank, it is often difficult to disassemble because of corrosion of the water tank bolts and bolts in the water tank. Put a 17 mm box wrench on the head of the hex bolt, take a wooden stick or iron stick that is 1 meter long, and press the lower part of the wrench against the handle of the wrench. Use the lever to gently pull the lever. Water tank bolts can be loosened. If the hex head of the water tank bolt is rusted or slippery, use a long chisel (not sharp on the cutting edge) to align with the edge of the hex head and move towards the loosening direction. If the chisel does not move many times, cut the hex head to remove the water tank. Drill and tap on the body.

Ten, check the cable break

The cable for the pump is often broken due to repeated folding and twisting during use. Using a 220V power plug, connect a 220V, 15W light bulb in one of its power lines, connect the two power cables to the two ends of a core wire in the cable, and connect the power supply, and the light bulb will light to indicate the connection. Otherwise this core breaks. At this time, use both hands to hold the cable and force it to press in the middle for a period of time. If the light is on, it indicates that the line is broken. Disconnect the power supply, cut the rubber sleeve with a knife, connect the broken wire, and wrap it with an insulating tape.

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