Greenhouse strawberry supplement light promote flowering

The purpose of strawberry cultivation is to promote the early morning market, the key measure is to promote flower bud differentiation and promote flowering. There are several ways to promote flowering:

The greenhouse temperature and humidity management in the greenhouse is 30°C during the day and 10°C or more during the night. Try to increase ground temperature and promote root activity. Air humidity 50% -60%, low humidity is conducive to flowering pollination, but also help prevent diseases.

Supplemental lighting Energy-saving lamps of about 20 watts are suspended 1 meter above the plant, one lamp every 4 meters. Turn on the lights after sunset and turn off the lights at 10pm.

Hormone Supplementation If the plant has a dwarfed dormancy due to low temperatures, then dormancy is broken with gibberellin, and 10 ppm of gibberellin is sprayed prior to budding and sprayed once a week.

The plants can be planted to concentrate the nutrients and promote flowering. Before the top inflorescence is extracted, only one end bud is left. After the top inflorescence is extracted, two axillary buds are selected to remove the excess axillary buds at any time. The three bud plants generally have 3 to 5 inflorescences and retain about 15 leaves.

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