Tan Yang’s brewing method

In general, the brewing methods for black tea are similar. According to the quality and characteristics of different teas, the brewing method will be slightly different. The following is a brief introduction of Tan Yang’s bubble tea.

1. Tea is good and tea is moderate

To brew a pot of good tea, the selection of high quality tea is a necessary condition. Basically, about one teaspoon or 5 grams of tea is brewed in a cup of black tea and brewed with 150-200cc of boiling water; brewing a pot of tea depends on the size of the tea. Generally, it can be brewed 8 times.

2. Water quality and water temperature

Since ancient times, drinking tea has paid attention to water quality, and good water can make tea more useful to play with its glycol. In general, colorless, odorless and high oxygen content water is most suitable for tea making, and spring water, well water and stream water are the best. Normally, spring water and pure water are generally suitable. The quality of water will directly affect the tea soup. Taste, commercially available mineral water, purified water, and natural water can also be used instead.

As for the brewing water temperature must be between 85-90 °C, can not have been boiling, excessive boiling will cause changes in water quality. When boiled and boiled to take "fish eyes" (fish has eyes, slightly sound), you can boil the boiled water and pour it into a cup of cool cup for about 30 seconds. (This time you can put the tea in the bubble bowl in the bowl, shake the cover a few times, smell the tea, sweet, pure, fragrant, sweet.)

3. Consumption of water and tea: Generally, the amount of tea for one to three people is 2 to 3 grams, and the amount of tea for four to eight people is 4 to 5 grams (ie, 1 blister), and the ratio of tea is about 1:40 to 1:60. . No matter what kind of tea, it should not be too strong, it should be in proportion to moderate, in order to play the tea fragrance.

4. Brewing time

To brew a pot of good tea, the tea must be separated from the tea after soaking. At this time, the mastery of brewing time becomes the key. The first and second blisters are held within 2 seconds, the third blisters within 3 seconds, and the fourth blisters can be slightly longer, generally about 6 to 10 bubbles. If the brewing time is too long, all the tannins and catechins in the tea will be released, making the tea soup bitter. Conversely, if the brewing time is too short and the amount of amino acids released from the tea leaves is insufficient, the sweetness of the black tea will not be brewed, and the tea soup will have a pronounced watery taste.

5. Tanya Yang did not fill the bowl with the water around 85°C. About 3 seconds or so, it will be poured out of tea (water faster), cover the lid can not be strict, to ventilation, (black tea can not be stuffy) or affect the taste of tea. 4 After the bubble water temperature can be directly brewed with boiling water, brewing time is appropriate but extended. If it cannot be controlled by time, it can be judged according to the color of the tea soup. As long as the color of the tea soup is correct, a good cup of tea will be made. Of course, you can use boiling water to brew, but you need to grasp the timing and measure, so as to form a better quality.

6. Tea set

The attractive aroma of black tea is mainly emitted by heat. If the boiled water is directly poured into the cold teapot, and then poured into an iced teacup, the heat will be greatly reduced, and the scent cannot be exerted.

The brewing time of the black tea is also time-consuming, so if you want to have a good cup of tea, sit down and slowly, slowly, and you will be more and more willing to work with black tea.

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